Faiture X Natural Goods Berlin

Faiture X Natural Goods Berlin
Hello everyone! Today we introduce you to a new partner of us:
In the future we would like to tell more about ourselves and our partnerships and think that we together with Faithing can start a good start.



what is Faiture and their goal?

Faithing is a Marketplace for sustainable & stylish furniture and home decor Brands. With over 20 brand partners, including the "Faiture Home" own brand, and more than 1000 different product variations, you are a rapidly growing online marketplace for sustainable furniture & decor in Germany.

Faithing is made up of the words “faith in nature”, and means to regain trust in nature - our furniture and decoration articles carry this message inside to remind you that we are part of nature and are good at it have to be careful.

The company was founded with the aim of revolutionizing the furniture industry in order to be able to offer customers real sustainable alternatives for the home.



Faithing Is a climate -ap -positive company that saves more CO2 emissions than caused by climate protection projects. You yourself have taken the 5RS of sustainability - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle - and align their daily actions and act afterwards.

Since we are all in the race against time and climate change, you have decided to take all measures to increase your positive impact. That is why they invest an additional 2% of each euro taken in climate protection projects.

In addition, for example, all brands and products are checked before recording on criteria such as material use & origin, production process, social engagement, SDGS, etc. and then evaluated whether they meet their strict and responsible requirements.


In principle, however, the following applies: Any purchase that is not absolutely necessary should be avoided


How did the cooperation come about?

It is always a nice positive feedback on our products, this often happens in the form of emails or via social media like Instagram and Co.. We are all the more pleased when these compliments come from people from the department, including in the case of Faithing. The furniture manufacturer should make two tables for an order work and then came across us when choosing the legs. They convinced their legs so much that the first contact came about long afterwards and everything took its course.
We can only emphasize it again and again, we are really pleased to see the finished projects that our customers do: in the interior of the order. If you also feel addressed and we were able to convince you with our products, we look forward to your feedback and possibly further discussions in order to further expand our network of partners.
We look forward to the time together Faithing


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