Fruit box chest on Hairpin Legs - by Horst DIY

Obstkisten-Kommode auf Hairpin Legs - by HORST DIY

Hairpin legs are now known as an alternative to normal table legs. With this guide we show you a nice way to use your legs elsewhere! In combination with two old apple boxes, you can build an individual chest of drawers in no time! 


Chest of drawers and hairpin coffee-apple boxes-chair-old building shelf

You need:


    In addition to the material, you need: 

    • Cordless screwdriver 


    Material DIY apple costs hairpins

    STEP 1: 

    First you connect the two apple boxes together and screw them away from the inside with your screws on the sides. Now you can already do the Hairpin Legs Screw the apple boxes from below. To do this, put your legs into the corners of the boxes and attach them to the wood with the screws. 

     Screwing battery screwdriver apple boxes

    STEP 2: 

    Now only your wooden plate is missing as a shelf on the apple boxes.To do this, screw them through the apple boxes from below. 

     Apfelkiste-Retal-Hairpin wine bottle-buuecher

    Step 3:

    Finally, you just have to position your new chest of drawers nicely and set it up!

    Your new chest of drawers is ready! Easy, right?


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