Couch upcycling with @quadratemaedchen

Couch Upcycling mit @quadratemaedchen

In search of the perfect couch, you can quickly reach your limits. As close as you want to stay close to your ideas, you always find something what "bothers" or what "could have fit better".

But, you know how to help yourself and our community even more. Lisa aka@quadratemaedchen Had such a couch in her living room and decided to equip you with new legs. Our Fusion Legs The selected feet were in the natural variant. Now it just had to be counted quickly how many you needed and then it could almost go.

The package is unpacked and a first overview says: Everything there! (In addition to our Fusion Legs, Lisa has also the right onesAssembly plates Ordered without knowing that it will unfortunately not be used later. 😅)

In the second step, assembly can already be started. For this purpose, Lisa first glued the soil -friendly foam stickers on the underside of the legs.

Now the screws can be screwed into the thread.

The fully assembled legs can now be screwed directly into the couch. Since the couch already had the same strength of screws for the original legs, the exchange here was really easy. If you plan to upcycling another object that might not have had legs, the assembly plates would now be used.

The result is impressive and even if in this case it may only be a "detail", these little things often make it out. What do you all mean?

And now it's your turn. Show us your upcycling projects and share them under the hashtag #naturalgoodsberlin or also like to do us during the process in your stories and in the finished result - we would be very happy!
Thanks to Lisa, like to drop by on your channel! @quadratemaedchen

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