DIY-upcycling chest of drawers

DIY-Upcycling Kommode


Do you feel like a great upcycling project again?

Then we take you step by step again today; How we make a real eye -catcher from this old chest of drawers. And all in just a few simple steps!


You need:


Step 1:

In the first step, you should first remove the drawers and saw off the lower part completely. Draw everything that is supposed to be sawn up. We worked here with a hand circular saw. Alternatively, you can also use a jigsaw and then grind a little more.

Step 2:

Then everything is sanded down so that you can get a flat surface and the old paint is somewhat roughened so that the new layer can be well liable.

Step 3:

If everything is now nicely sanded, the new paint can be applied. In this case we simply used a spray paint that is easy to apply. You can of course also one of the Horst Lacke Use depending on which color the new chest of drawers should get.

Step 4:

Finally, the new furniture buttons and feet are attached. The chest of drawers is already ready to move into a new place.

 Author:Horst Diy Concepts

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